Core Classes

In our fun, lively and imaginative performing arts classes we put musical theatre at the core. We believe that through classes of singing, acting and dance your child will be given the best chance to express themselves creatively on stage and in life because of all skills that come with learning these subjects. We allow fundamental life skills to flourish such as self-esteem, teamwork and pride, as well as practical skills like such as, coordination, memory and concentration. Our experienced tutors will support your child to become a confident performer, and safe environment with like-minded people. And of course your child will make lots of new like-minded friends along the way!

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drama & Acting

Pupils will stretch and broaden their imaginations by drawing upon popular stories and tails and transferring them from page on to the stage. They will be guided in exploring characters and setting through scripted and devised performances. Pupils develop their technique of when expressing themselves vocally and through feelings in front of a audience. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop a range of acting skills through a variety of stimulus. Pupils will work on a diverse range of scripts from theatre, television and film and also and have the opportunity create their own scripts. Pupils will be encouraged to show and review with their fellow classmates, and rehearse and perform, all whilst taking direction in to account. Students will explore a range of skills that will prepare themselves for auditions and beyond such as stagecraft, character exploration and development, accents, dialects and movement.


Vocal & Singing

Whether your child is an experienced singer or starting from scratch, School for Stage is the perfect place to build and develop singing skills. Pupils are encouraged to explore and strengthen their vocal ability through a variety of songs such as Musical Theatre, popular music and golden oldies. Pupils will be taught to improve tempo and rhythm, pitch and pace. Consequently enabling them to develop voice control, clarity and projection. Pupils will perform harmonies and will also have the opportunity to perform solo if they so wish.


Movement & Dance

Students will learn how to control their bodies, develop spatial awareness, coordination and sense of balance through dance. They will explore a range of movements to a variety of rhythms and beats to popular music. Our energetic dance classes will allow students to improve upon their dance technique as well as improving observation, retention and coordination, along with teamwork. Students will learn choreographed routines, as well as developing their own routines in groups and solo if they so wish.