Introducing the Arts Award


This year at School For Stage, we've really tried to shake things up and give our students new and exciting things focus on. As a result we’ve adapted our current curriculum and made a few improvements.

One of them being the introduction of the Arts Award, which is a selection of unique qualifications for anyone between the ages of 5-25 and designed to help our kids enjoy and grow as artists and arts leaders - it goes without saying we will be specialising in performing arts.

Through the Arts Award we hope to inspire our students to connect more with the wider arts community whilst undertaking fun yet appropriately challenging performing arts based tasks.

So why have we chosen The Arts Award?

First of all, we feel the Arts Award is the perfect choice for our students as it reflects on and compliments what they are already learning in our classes. Except now they will gain a recognised qualification. In fact, The Arts Award is both recognised and moderated by credible institutions including Trinity College and Arts Council England.

We feel this is the perfect way to give our students that little something extra without interrupting or disrupting their current classes.

The award opens up the door for more art based opportunities including events and trips as it is a vital part of the Arts Award criteria. It is also going to assist in helping our students develop valuable life skills. The students will be tasked to build a portfolio of their work, with our help of course, which helps them to understand independent study. Not to mention, they will get to explore the works of some of the biggest and best artists and craftspeople within the industry to gain a better understanding of the life of a professional in the performing arts world.

Lastly, and most importantly, we want to create as much opportunity and inclusion for our students as we possibly can. We think that it is a great way to make our students really feel a part of something bigger than School For Stage and in time they will meet other people from diverse backgrounds who have also strived to achieve a Arts Award.

We so can't wait to get going and for our student to begin expanding their minds on their Arts Award journey.


Each year every student will have the opportunity to gain an Arts Award and work their way up a grade, starting at Discover level and finishing with the top prize of a Gold award. The Arts Award is accredited by Trinity College and affiliated with Arts Council England and the award is regulated by RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework).

  • Explorer

    Qualification = N/A

  • Discover

    Qualification = Entry Level

  • Bronze

    Qualification = Level 1

  • Silver

    Qualification = Level 2

  • Gold

    Qualification = Level 3 (16 UCAS points)


Five Fantastic Things to Expect Next Term from School For Stage

After another brilliant year at School for Stage, we thought we'd let you in on a few secrets we have in store for you for next term and in 2020. There have been a lot of changes to School For Stage this past year and as the improvements continue we are excited to tell you about a few of ‘our favourite things’ that are coming up...


We are beyond excited to announce that in 2020 we will be performing a showcase in one of the oldest theatres in England, in fact, the third oldest in Britain. This will be the perfect setting to see your children perform on a professional stage and get to experience what it's like to be a superstar on the main stage. 

 This is the perfect opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of what they learn week to week. The venue is the ideal place to show off all the hard work our students have put in to their classes over the year.

Drum roll please... the venue for this year’s showcase is... You will just have to wait and see when we announce it next term.

Can you guess where it’s going to be? We have given you a little clue in our first paragraph and if you look closely at the picture above there’s a blurred picture of the venue.


Our mission here at School For Stage, is that we strive to 'mentor top performers on stage and in life' and we feel that by offering awards and exams we’ll be much more equipped to do so. We will provide all our students with the opportunity to develop themselves as confident, successful individuals through accredited examination boards. We have carefully chosen two quality schemes to ensure that we are providing valuable life skills that they can take with them later in life, regardless of the industry or path they may choose.

Arts Award

From September all our students will get the opportunity to work towards gaining a Arts Award as part of their regular School For Stage experience. You may be thinking, what is an Arts Award? Well, it’s is a unique qualification that helps mould and develop young people into artists and arts leaders. The Arts Award is the perfect way to compliment what our students learn in class whilst also earning them an accredited award that they can use later in life.

This award is accredited by Trinity College London along with The Arts Council England. Once completed, students will have earned an internationally celebrated certificate which is recognised by education establishments all over the world.


We are constantly working to create the highest standard of performing arts tuition that we can. In doing so, we are proud to announce that we are introducing additional LAMDA classes at all of our schools from 2020. However, unlike the Arts Award in which all students will participate in as part of our curriculum. LAMDA is one of the most recognised performing arts institutions for delivering excellence in the form of Communication, Performance and Musical Theatre examinations. The LAMDA classes will be optional to all those who would like to achieve further qualifications by completing practical exams in performing arts.


At School for Stage, we strive to teach to the highest standard as possible, but it never hurts to have a helping hand. So, this year we will be inviting industry professionals to our classes to pass on their knowledge to our students in the form of masterclasses.

The masterclasses will give our students the inside scoop of what it's like to be an industry professional. We will be inviting performers from all disciplines such as; acting for television, audition technique and presenting. Not to mention, for all our students who prefer to work behind the curtain, we will also be hosting masterclasses on; directing, SFX makeup, costume design and set design etc.

We are very pleased to announce our very first masterclass is already in the books. This will be based on Acting for Television, for our students who dream of being on the big screen. This masterclass will be taught by a gent who has extensive knowledge of Acting for Television dating back to his childhood. He has worked on some shows we're sure you will recognise; Hollyoaks (Channel 4), Heart Beat (ITV) and the Syndicate (BBC).

We're sure you're dying to know who the mystery man is. Well, we're afraid you're just going to have to wait until September... Sorry!


Following the soft launch of Report Cards and Star Badges, which have been received very well. We have decided that we would like to introduce a few more ways to recognise all the hard work your wonderful kids put in week in and week out.


We know how important it is for parents to know exactly how their child is getting on at School For Stage that’s why we are creating an annual report of your child’s progress in our classes. The report will be produced by the team and will detail what your child is doing well and how we’re going to help them improve, as well as any achievements that have been accomplished throughout the year.

Star Badges

We have introduced Star Badge collection system in which a student will earn so many of one category of badges, for instance, Red, to then move on to the next category, Bronze, all the way up to Gold. From September all student will receive a tracker sheet so that they can track their progress of Star of the Week badges,


We will be introducing a range of patches that our students can earn after specific achievements. There will be a whole variety of ways to win these patches including taking part in a showcase, being a member of School for Stage for a year or achieving their Arts Award. We are happy to take suggestions for achievements as we want this system to be as inclusive as possible so that everyone has the same opportunity to earn achievement patches.


We suppose we are living up to our name 'School' For Stage with this one, but we promise it will be nothing like the grading you might expect from a normal school. We have designed our own 20-point grading system based around a whole spectrum of performing arts in order for each and everyone to become the very best performer they can be! This will be mainly for our students to view themselves constructively as a performer as a means to improve their own creativity and performance skills. This is all about bringing them up and introducing constructive feedback to ensure they are growing to their full potential.



Over the past year at School For Stage, we have been trying our upmost to get more involved in our local community, not only to give back to the communities that give us so much, but also to get our wonderful students out and about for everyone to see.

For example, Longridge took part in ‘Longridge Does Christmas’ the shopping evening which is an annual event in their local community. Lytham St Annes even competed in ‘Lytham St Annes Performing Arts Festival’ as well as Club Day procession. Last, but certainly not least Lancaster team put on taster classes at the ‘Galgate Kids Treat’.

This is all in the effort of giving back, as a company we would be nowhere without all of you and our local communities and for that we say a huge thank you!

So, in 2020 we want to do even better! More community events, more giving back and getting your children involved in as much as we possibly can, it just doesn't seem fair to keep them all to ourselves.

We are always striving to be better and we cant wait to have our biggest and best year yet. We hope you will be joining us for the journey!

Very best of wishes,
The SFS Team


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Free Open Days September 2019


Calling all children who love to perform!
It's a brand new term and were welcoming some new faces at our FREE OPEN DAYS!

It’s a chance for children to...
• Meet the team.
• Meet current students.
• Participate in our classes.
• Have fun and make new friends.

It’s a chance to for parents to...
• Meet the team.
• Meet some of our current students.
• Meet the parents of our current students.
• Check out our facilities.
• Have a brew.


Our fun and friendly part-time performing arts school focuses on three main crafts that come under the musical theatre umbrella; acting, singing and dance. But more important to us are the life-skills that our dedicated tutors encourage our students to practice like teamwork, communication, confidence and imagination, as well as practical skills such as, public speaking, coordination, memory and concentration.

If this is something you feel your child would be interested in then come along and explore School For Stage - All for free! We'd love to see you there.

Open Days
Lancaster: 14th September 11am-1pm
Longridge: 21st September 10am-1pm
Lytham St Annes: 21st September 9.30am-12.30pm
Garstang: 22nd September 10am-1pm

Limited places available, so please book now to avoid disappoint. Simply click free class and select the school that you want and date of their open day.

If you can't make our Open Day, not to worry, you can book a free class for a weekend after.

Hope to see you soon!


Performing Arts Movers and Shakers Wanted

We’re on the search for the best in the biz to to head up a team and run their very own stage school with the help of SFS HQ.

We’re after entrepreneurial people with a passion for working young people to pass on what they know to the next generation of top performers (on stage and in life).

We currently have positions for Principals at our schools in Garstang and Lytham St Annes.

If you think that you’ve got what at takes and you’re up for the challenge then click here to find out more and apply.


New Term, New Team

As the new term approaches we're thrilled to welcome some new team members to the School For Stage family.


Caitlin Wright

Miss Caitlin Headshot.jpg

Hi my name is Caitlin Wright, I have been dancing since I was nine years old, I currently train with NRG Dance School where I have developed myself to become one of the senior dancers. I am trained in Grade 4 ballet in IDTA, musical theatre and gymnastics and have performed in numerous NRG shows over the years, covering many different dance styles. This summer I was lucky enough to assist an ITV Documentarist whilst filming, I assisted him with the behind the scenes set up in his production, on top of this I also appeared in the film itself and had a go at presenting. The film is due to be shown globally. This is something that I feel terribly honoured to be a part of due to the content of the film which raises awareness to a great cause. I have assisted with dance classes regularly at NRG over the last year, this is how I discovered my love for teaching. Upon researching a future with teaching and performing I came across a Diploma with the University of the Arts London, fortunately with whom I have been accepted on a three-year course based at Kendal, starting this September. My dream job would be to teach musical theatre and perform in a Broadway show! My heart most definitely lies within musical theatre, therefore feeding my passion to teach it! My skills when it comes to teaching is an ability to interact with each student and to work together to identify each individual students learning requirements, working together at a realistic pace, most suitable to the child. It is extremely rewarding to watch a child’s love for the arts thrive as they learn and grow. I am very grateful to the School for Stage for allowing me be part of their team to achieve my goals.


Phillipa Garlington

Miss Pip Headshot.jpg

I am currently working towards a Theatre BA Hons degree at the University of Central Lancashire. I have been involved in theatre and dance since a very young age, taking lessons in Ballet, Modern and Tap since the age of three, and then progress to study contemporary dance and theatre studies at college. I have been a member of Preston Musical Comedy Society for fourteen years and enjoy performing live with an ensemble. I have a detailed eye for movement and devising contemporary dance and drama, which she has integrated in to numerous jobs teaching children in recent years. I have a passion for the arts and sees the importance in young people exploring their creativity through these avenues.

Ceri Smith

Ceri Headshot.jpg

I am currently studying Music Theatre Degree at UCLan. I am in my 3rd year and have always dreamed about getting a job teaching young people what I love! I absolutely adore how no pupil is the same. The individuality and different challenges that arise makes the ‘job’ more fun! I have performed in many productions since I was 4 years old which range from the well known musical Les Miserables to the lesser know; Children of Eden! My passion for Performing started when my mum took me to a local dance school. I stumbled upon singing and acting through this school making the transition into musical theatre at the age of 8. In high school I was asked 4 months before the Drama GCSE exam if I wanted to take part as an extra option as I had finished another GCSE. I snatched up at the opportunity and passed both my practical and written with the highest grades in the class. This pushed me on to do a BTEC Performing Arts (Acting) Level 3 Diploma at Winstanley College where I obtained D*D*D which is the equivalent to A*A*A! Throughout year 11 and College, I taught students acting, singing and dancing with another drama group which has recently folded. I sadly and very reluctantly had to give this up to move away to university to further my education but I always had the hopes to return and share the skills which I had learnt. At university we acquire the training to lead us into the best and healthiest performer we can be. After university I plan to do a masters to obtain more skills and hopefully pass on my knowledge to young pupils who have the same aspirations as me.

Charlotte-Ann Gelhardt

Miss Sharly Headshot.jpg

I have always had a passion for performing arts. When I was young went to stage school and loved it so much I worked there when I got older and worked my way up the ranks to senior team into workshop leader. I have performed in many shows these include; Seussical, Les Misérables, Grease, Peter Pan, the Matthew Shepherd Story and many more. I earned a a D*DD in performing arts at college where learned many different styles of theatre including; Shakespeare, mask work, physical theatre and naturalism. I have a degree in childhood and youth studies which I feel attributes me when working with the children in this manner. I have a passion for working with kids which is what drove me to climb the ranks in my previous teaching role, as I wanted to see the kids grow and develop in the way I got to. I am very proud of my achievements but it’s easy to achieve these things when you’re doing something you love.


Talia Davies

Talia Davies Headshot.jpg

I am currently studying for a BA (Hons) in Music Theatre at The University of Central Lancashire. I have been dancing since I was two years old and was lucky enough to have studied Ballet with a professional ballet dancer in Switzerland for a year at five years old. I have also been lucky enough to have seven years experience teaching dance. At such a young age I feel truly blessed to have had, and continue to be given, the opportunity to teach, especially young people. Musical theatre has been a massive part of my life for a very long time and I have performed roles from Molly in “Ghost” to The Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz”. Not only have I performed in a range of shows, but I have choreographed them too which is an absolute dream of mine, to perform in and choreograph shows. In high school despite being extremely academic, I knew that wasn’t the path I wanted, so I got my theatre studies and dance GCSE’s and theatre studies A level, obtaining an A* in theatre studies which I was extremely proud of. Going into my third and last year of university I have gained so much knowledge and will be leaving with so much more than a degree, it has furthered me as a person and not just a performer and I hope to pass this onto the children I get to teach. Although my career passion drifted from ballet to musical theatre during high school after having been a part of multiple stage schools from age nine, my love for dance has never gone and I’m thrilled to be teaching it again as it means I get to pass that on. After university I hope to further my learning at drama school doing a masters degree, move to London and start up a career on the stage. If I can help any one child to realise and pursue their dreams of theatre then I’m doing my job.

Leah Jaffery

Miss Leah Headshot.jpg

I’m going into my third year of studying a BAHons in Music Theatre at the University of Central Lancashire. I have always loved performing musical theatre since my first role of Cha-Cha in Grease aged 12, the thrill I got from performing in front of an audience was amazing and I knew I wanted to do it in further education! I then studied Performing arts, Theatre studies and Dance at College and that just furthered my love of Musical Theatre. Since then I have gone to perform in a wide range of shows including ‘Guys and Dolls’, ‘Spring Awakening’ and the song cycle ‘Closer than Ever’ to name a few. The skills that I have gained while performing in all these shows and while being at university are something that I really want to pass on to children so they can gain the confidence they need to perform and to have fun whilst doing it! I first started teaching children when I volunteered as a Brownie guide at my local Brownies but I had to give it up to move to university but I have always admired working with children as they have a great outlook on performing and they seem to enjoy it as much as I did at that age. After university I hope to go on and further my musical theatre career by doing a masters degree at Drama School and then going to sing on cruise ships! I can’t wait to see the kids grow into amazing young performers with the help of myself and the team at School for Stage! 


We have recently decided to change the format of our classes silghtly by extending the teaching time by an extra hour. At School For Stage strive to give your children the best training that I possibly can in performing arts irrespective of their ability and the extra hour will help the team and I achieve this. The format of the classes has changed; now we will dedicate the first half an hour of the session to developing those fundamental creative and life skills like team work, confidence building, public speaking, communications, imagination etc through educational games and other planned activities. After which the children will study, practice and refine their performance skills through planned classes of acting, singing and dance.

3 hour sesions.png


As a part of our continued commitment to offer the highest standards of performing arts tuition, we are very proud to announce that we are now a LAMDA registered stage school!

LAMDA is one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding bodies, that have been offering practical examinations of performance art for over 130 years. As a matter of fact, this nationally recognised qualification has helped hundreds of thousands of candidates of all ages and abilities to develop lifelong skills.

LAMDA exams are dedicated to reward, empower and, more importantly, distinguish the endeavours of those who take part. Such sentiments are echoed by ethos and mission at School For Stage; our team strives to ‘mentor top performers on stage and in life’.

In being affiliated with LAMDA, you can rest assured that the techniques and skills that we are passing to our students are delivered in the most competent and professional way.

Guided by the LAMDA syllabus, we will continue to provide all our students with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need in order to become successful and confident individuals, regardless of the industry and the path they will choose in future.

Together, we will achieve this by encouraging our students to practice such crucial attributes as self-confidence, as well as the ability to communicate clearly and show initiative in our classes.