As a part of our continued commitment to offer the highest standards of performing arts tuition, we are very proud to announce that we are now a LAMDA registered stage school!

LAMDA is one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding bodies, that have been offering practical examinations of performance art for over 130 years. As a matter of fact, this nationally recognised qualification has helped hundreds of thousands of candidates of all ages and abilities to develop lifelong skills.

LAMDA exams are dedicated to reward, empower and, more importantly, distinguish the endeavours of those who take part. Such sentiments are echoed by ethos and mission at School For Stage; our team strives to ‘mentor top performers on stage and in life’.

In being affiliated with LAMDA, you can rest assured that the techniques and skills that we are passing to our students are delivered in the most competent and professional way.

Guided by the LAMDA syllabus, we will continue to provide all our students with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need in order to become successful and confident individuals, regardless of the industry and the path they will choose in future.

Together, we will achieve this by encouraging our students to practice such crucial attributes as self-confidence, as well as the ability to communicate clearly and show initiative in our classes.