New Term, New Team

As the new term approaches we're thrilled to welcome some new team members to the School For Stage family.


Caitlin Wright

Miss Caitlin Headshot.jpg

Hi my name is Caitlin Wright, I have been dancing since I was nine years old, I currently train with NRG Dance School where I have developed myself to become one of the senior dancers. I am trained in Grade 4 ballet in IDTA, musical theatre and gymnastics and have performed in numerous NRG shows over the years, covering many different dance styles. This summer I was lucky enough to assist an ITV Documentarist whilst filming, I assisted him with the behind the scenes set up in his production, on top of this I also appeared in the film itself and had a go at presenting. The film is due to be shown globally. This is something that I feel terribly honoured to be a part of due to the content of the film which raises awareness to a great cause. I have assisted with dance classes regularly at NRG over the last year, this is how I discovered my love for teaching. Upon researching a future with teaching and performing I came across a Diploma with the University of the Arts London, fortunately with whom I have been accepted on a three-year course based at Kendal, starting this September. My dream job would be to teach musical theatre and perform in a Broadway show! My heart most definitely lies within musical theatre, therefore feeding my passion to teach it! My skills when it comes to teaching is an ability to interact with each student and to work together to identify each individual students learning requirements, working together at a realistic pace, most suitable to the child. It is extremely rewarding to watch a child’s love for the arts thrive as they learn and grow. I am very grateful to the School for Stage for allowing me be part of their team to achieve my goals.


Phillipa Garlington

Miss Pip Headshot.jpg

I am currently working towards a Theatre BA Hons degree at the University of Central Lancashire. I have been involved in theatre and dance since a very young age, taking lessons in Ballet, Modern and Tap since the age of three, and then progress to study contemporary dance and theatre studies at college. I have been a member of Preston Musical Comedy Society for fourteen years and enjoy performing live with an ensemble. I have a detailed eye for movement and devising contemporary dance and drama, which she has integrated in to numerous jobs teaching children in recent years. I have a passion for the arts and sees the importance in young people exploring their creativity through these avenues.

Ceri Smith

Ceri Headshot.jpg

I am currently studying Music Theatre Degree at UCLan. I am in my 3rd year and have always dreamed about getting a job teaching young people what I love! I absolutely adore how no pupil is the same. The individuality and different challenges that arise makes the ‘job’ more fun! I have performed in many productions since I was 4 years old which range from the well known musical Les Miserables to the lesser know; Children of Eden! My passion for Performing started when my mum took me to a local dance school. I stumbled upon singing and acting through this school making the transition into musical theatre at the age of 8. In high school I was asked 4 months before the Drama GCSE exam if I wanted to take part as an extra option as I had finished another GCSE. I snatched up at the opportunity and passed both my practical and written with the highest grades in the class. This pushed me on to do a BTEC Performing Arts (Acting) Level 3 Diploma at Winstanley College where I obtained D*D*D which is the equivalent to A*A*A! Throughout year 11 and College, I taught students acting, singing and dancing with another drama group which has recently folded. I sadly and very reluctantly had to give this up to move away to university to further my education but I always had the hopes to return and share the skills which I had learnt. At university we acquire the training to lead us into the best and healthiest performer we can be. After university I plan to do a masters to obtain more skills and hopefully pass on my knowledge to young pupils who have the same aspirations as me.

Charlotte-Ann Gelhardt

Miss Sharly Headshot.jpg

I have always had a passion for performing arts. When I was young went to stage school and loved it so much I worked there when I got older and worked my way up the ranks to senior team into workshop leader. I have performed in many shows these include; Seussical, Les Misérables, Grease, Peter Pan, the Matthew Shepherd Story and many more. I earned a a D*DD in performing arts at college where learned many different styles of theatre including; Shakespeare, mask work, physical theatre and naturalism. I have a degree in childhood and youth studies which I feel attributes me when working with the children in this manner. I have a passion for working with kids which is what drove me to climb the ranks in my previous teaching role, as I wanted to see the kids grow and develop in the way I got to. I am very proud of my achievements but it’s easy to achieve these things when you’re doing something you love.


Talia Davies

Talia Davies Headshot.jpg

I am currently studying for a BA (Hons) in Music Theatre at The University of Central Lancashire. I have been dancing since I was two years old and was lucky enough to have studied Ballet with a professional ballet dancer in Switzerland for a year at five years old. I have also been lucky enough to have seven years experience teaching dance. At such a young age I feel truly blessed to have had, and continue to be given, the opportunity to teach, especially young people. Musical theatre has been a massive part of my life for a very long time and I have performed roles from Molly in “Ghost” to The Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz”. Not only have I performed in a range of shows, but I have choreographed them too which is an absolute dream of mine, to perform in and choreograph shows. In high school despite being extremely academic, I knew that wasn’t the path I wanted, so I got my theatre studies and dance GCSE’s and theatre studies A level, obtaining an A* in theatre studies which I was extremely proud of. Going into my third and last year of university I have gained so much knowledge and will be leaving with so much more than a degree, it has furthered me as a person and not just a performer and I hope to pass this onto the children I get to teach. Although my career passion drifted from ballet to musical theatre during high school after having been a part of multiple stage schools from age nine, my love for dance has never gone and I’m thrilled to be teaching it again as it means I get to pass that on. After university I hope to further my learning at drama school doing a masters degree, move to London and start up a career on the stage. If I can help any one child to realise and pursue their dreams of theatre then I’m doing my job.

Leah Jaffery

Miss Leah Headshot.jpg

I’m going into my third year of studying a BAHons in Music Theatre at the University of Central Lancashire. I have always loved performing musical theatre since my first role of Cha-Cha in Grease aged 12, the thrill I got from performing in front of an audience was amazing and I knew I wanted to do it in further education! I then studied Performing arts, Theatre studies and Dance at College and that just furthered my love of Musical Theatre. Since then I have gone to perform in a wide range of shows including ‘Guys and Dolls’, ‘Spring Awakening’ and the song cycle ‘Closer than Ever’ to name a few. The skills that I have gained while performing in all these shows and while being at university are something that I really want to pass on to children so they can gain the confidence they need to perform and to have fun whilst doing it! I first started teaching children when I volunteered as a Brownie guide at my local Brownies but I had to give it up to move to university but I have always admired working with children as they have a great outlook on performing and they seem to enjoy it as much as I did at that age. After university I hope to go on and further my musical theatre career by doing a masters degree at Drama School and then going to sing on cruise ships! I can’t wait to see the kids grow into amazing young performers with the help of myself and the team at School for Stage!