Kieren Spencer collecting his award

Kieren Spencer collecting his award

Since the start of Kieren’s journey to open and seamlessly run School For Stage he has worked tirelessly to gain new skills that have previously been out of his comfort zone. Kieren has a strong passion for drama and theatre and is an expert in his field which he has shown through study and working in the industry.

However, opening a business was something that he originally knew nothing about. He was determined to not let this stop him achieving his goal of allowing children the opportunity to perform.

Last year Kieren was nominated for a Ribble Valley business award which he won. It acknowledged his achievements in becoming the Ribble Valley's most enterprising person of the year. This year he has been nominated again and, in October, hopes to gain recognition for the growth of his business.

Thank you to all those who have helped him along the way is whatever capacity. We all wish him luck and are extremely proud of what he has achieved. Lets keep our fingers crossed for the next award.